All-Academic Certificates

These certificates are for Varsity athletes ONLY!

The Varsity athlete must have a 3.0 during their athletic season.


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Track & Field Divisions (outdoor)

Red Division (8) White Division (9)
Fenwick De La Salle
Loyola Academy DePaul Prep
Mother McAuley Holy Trinity
Montini Queen of Peace
Providence Catholic Regina
Rosary Resurrection
St. Ignatius St. Benedict
Trinity St. Francis (Wheaton)
  St. Joseph


GCAC Indoor Track Records - Click Here

GCAC Outdoor Track Records - Click Here


GCAC 2017 Outdoor Track Results - Click Here




Sports Coordinator Checklist


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1._____Approximately one week before the seeding meeting send a reminder to athletic

             directors.  Send details of the tournament for review—brackets, dates, sites, etc. to reach           

             the conference president in time for the executive board meeting that precedes the  

             scheduled seeding meeting for that sport. It is also the coordinator's job to devise a

             a two year master schedule for their sport when needed.  This schedule must be

             submitted to the president and executive board for approval at least two weeks

             prior to the post-season meeting.


2._____The seeding meeting must follow the IHSA’s guidelines which include:


A.     Exchange of win-loss records—each coach should provide current, updated records

 to each coach for their level, the coordinator, and the presiding executive board


B.     A timed, open discussion of each team should take place.  A limit of two minutes per

coach should be imposed.

C.     Each coach then ranks the teams, excluding his/her own, on a sheet provided.  The votes are then tallied.  The results should be given in order for coaches to fill in

brackets.  Make sure times, sites, and dates are all correct.


3. _____ Any and all expenses incurred for renting a facility or site, should be submitted

                to the conference treasurer for approval before an agreement is reached.



3._____Remind coaches from host schools about officials’ fees and provide them with phone                                             

 and fax numbers to report results.  Sportsmanship rating forms for the season are to be                                                           

 turned in at this time.  Any school that does not submit a rating form is not eligible to

             be recognized for this award.  Each host school should receive a financial report form 

              which should be sent to the conference treasurer within two weeks of the last

              tournament game hosted.


4._____Select All Conference Athletes according to conference guidelines.  Each coach must

              have statistics for each player nominated.  Make sure all names are spelled correctly

              and identified with the correct schools.  Send a copy to the conference president and to

              Nancy Boros at St. Joseph.  Nominations for Athlete of the Year must follow

              GCAC guidelines for selection.


5._____Fax or email all tournament information to conference athletic directors, the conference

             Treasurer and Recording Secretary the next morning with all dates, times and sites filled



6._____Provide updated brackets with tournament results after each round to athletic directors,

             conference officers, and assignors.  Contact athletic directors or coaches to confirm

             receipt of such information to avoid any conflicts or confusion.


7._____Phone, fax, or email all semi-final and final varsity results to the major newspapers

             immediately upon completion of each contest.  Scores of preliminary round contests

             should be reported by the schools hosting those rounds.


8._____Send all final results to all participating schools and to conference officers.  Please be


             sure to include any officers who are not athletic directors.

Cross-Country Divisions

Fenwick Bishop McNamara
Loyola Academy De La Salle
Mother McAuley DePaul Prep
Montini Holy Trinity
Providence Catholic Queen of Peace
Rosary Regina
St. Ignatius Resurrection
Trinity St. Francis (Wheaton)


GCAC Track Records


(updated 3/29/2016)


4 x 800m Relay                        Rosary                                                      9:55.77 *                 2016

                                            (B Delahanty, S. Vero, M. Goheen, M. Ronzone)


3200m Run                             Veronica Boswell, Saint Ignatius                11:38.84 *                   2013


55m High Hurdles                   Madlen Karnatz, Saint Ignatius                       8.54 *                          2012

60m High Hurdles                   Grace Cronin, Fenwick                                  9.03 *                          2016


50m Dash                                Kristina Black, Saint Ignatius                      6.6                              2007   

55m Dash                                Anna Sloan, Trinity                                   7.20 *                          2014   

60m Dash                                Anna Sloan, Trinity                                   7.73 *                          2015


800m Run                                Rachel Price, Loyola Academy                     2:18.86 *                     2011


4 x 160m Relay                         De La Salle                                             1:28.06 *                     2008

                                              (Angela Sell, Nakesha Walker, Antasia Jaynes, Kaitlyn Alexander)


4 x 200m Relay                         DeLaSalle                                               1:46.99 *                     2015

                                             (Jaimie Robinson, Jade Price, Kaitlyn Bright, Kinnidi Warfield)


400m Dash                              Briana Driver, Mother McAuley                      59.17 *                        2014


1600m Run                              Madison Ronone, Rosary                             5:09.60 *                     2015


200m Dash                              Anna Sloan, Trinity                                     25.52 *                       2015


4 x 400m Relay                        Loyola Academy                                         4:11.97*                      2011

                                            (Amanda Bombard, Jenny Franzen, Rachel Price, Jackie McDonnell)


Shot Put                                   Francesca LaTorraca, Loyola Academy            37’ 10”                       2016


High Jump                               Regina George, St. Gregory                              5’ 6”                         2009


Pole Vault                                Lila Adler, Loyola Academy                              11’ 16”                      2016


Long Jump                               Cydney Anderson, Saint Ignatius                  18’ 1.75”                      2014 


Triple Jump                             Sierra Brown, Trinity                                      38’ 6”                         2016


*Fully Automatic Timing


Team Results

                  1st Place                                          2nd Place                                                  3rd Place

2016        Loyola Academy (127)                Saint Ignatius (84)                           Rosary (65)

2015        Loyola Academy (123)                Saint Ignatius (104)                         Trinity (64.5)

2014        Saint Ignatius (159.5)                 Loyola Academy (136.5)                   Mother McAuley (92)

2013        Saint Ignatius (198)                   Loyola Academy (143)                      Mother McAuley (75)

2012        Loyola Academy (171)                Saint Ignatius (159.5)                       Mother McAuley (59)   

2011        Saint Ignatius (171)                    Loyola Academy (162)                      Mother McAuley (107.5)

2010        Saint Ignatius (165)                    Loyola Academy (161)                      Mother McAuley (115)

2009        Loyola Academy (129)                 Saint Ignatius (109)                         Mother McAuley (70)

2008        Saint Ignatius (188)                    Loyola Academy (134)                      De La Salle (38)






(updated 3/29/2016)



Event                                                    Performance         Athlete, School                                    Year                                                                                                                                

 800 Meter Medley Relay                1:51.80                 Mother McAuley                                      1995

                                                                                             Loyola Academy                                        2005                                                                                                                                                         

  4x800 Meter Relay                        9:42.60                 Mother McAuley                                        1999                  

  4x100 Meter Relay                        49.41 *                 Mother McAuley                                       2015

  3,200 Meter Run                           11:25.10 *           Jennifer White, Saint Ignatius                2010

  100 Meter High Hurdles             15.00                   Zurawski, Sacred Heart                             1984                     

  100 Meter Dash                            12.10 *                 Anna Sloan, Trinity                                         2015

  800 Meter Run                               2:14.21 *             Regina George, Gordon Tech                       2007    

  4x200 Meter Relay                       1:45.88                 Trinity                                                               2015

  400 Meter Dash                            56.30                    Jessica Fouche, Good Counsel               2001         

  300 Meter Low Hurdles             46.47 *                 Madlen Karnatz, Saint Ignatius              2013            

  1,600 Meter Run                           5:06.96 *             Kathryn House, Loyola Academy             2015                     

  200 Meter Dash                            24.83 *                 Anna Sloan, Trinity                                      2015                     

  4x400 Meter Relay                      4:04.50                 Loyola Academy                                        2005                     

  Long Jump                                    18' 11"                  Briana Driver, Mother McAuley              2015

  High Jump                                     5' 6"                       Ruge, Marian                                              1988             

  Shot Put                                          37' 1.25"              Jazielle Rome, Saint Ignatius                  2001            

  Discus Throw                                 123' 5"                 Becca Hacker, Queen of Peace                2008            

  Triple Jump                                    38' 8.5"                 Jaimie Robinson, De La Salle                  2015         

  Pole Vault                                        10’ 1”                    Stacy Weaver, Loyola Academy                 2013